Bovada Boxing

Bovada Casino

Bettors looking to put bets down for the latest fight night contests can make several types of wagers to create an authentic Vegas experience at home at Bovada Casino. With four ways to wager and the ability to develop a parlay, Bovada Casino has the options gamblers crave in a sportsbook. In addition, fans of MMA fights can experience the same betting opportunities as boxing fans on their bouts.

A Bet For Each Corner Of The Squared Circle

Two of the wagering opportunities at Bovada Casino for boxing enthusiasts will look familiar to those with experience betting other sports, and two that are unique to fighting.

  • A moneyline is a wager on which fighter will win the contest; the odds posted by the casino determine the payout.
  • The total stake is simply the over/under on the number of rounds the fight lasts.
  • Method of Victory does not require a gambler to choose a victor of the contest, but only how the fight is won.
  • Fight Length allows a bettor to place a wager on which round the fight will finish; each round has its own posted odds at the sportsbook.

Single Competitor Sports Betting Is Different

Sports that involve singular competitors instead of teams can be exciting opportunities for bettors who only bet on team sports. But, unfortunately, many gamblers who wager on sports stick to team sports, which can reduce the number of options for a significant payout when your favorite fighter wins that big championship belt.