Roulette Strategy

I'm a math guy. I hear a lot about roulette strategies or systems in Roulette but from a pure statistical perspective they don't really make any sense. Keep this in mind when evaluating any system you come across, it doesn't matter if the number 22 hasn't come up in the last million spins, the odds on the next spin of 22 coming up is the same as all the rest of the numbers. That is a statistical fact.

So the number one strategy is one of simple mathematics. Play European Roulette!!! You will find that the American Roulette overall is much less favorable than European Roulette. Why? because American casino's didn't like the odds of European Roulette and added an extra Green space the double "00". This move allowed to increase the house advantage by a factor of 2. European Roulette gives the house a 2.7% advantage whereas American Roulette gives the House a 5.5% advantage. Once again for emphasis...Only Play European Roulette!!!