5 Progressive Slots Tips: How to Win a Progressive Jackpot

Online casino slots, and the magnificent, often life-altering wins they bring in the form of progressive jackpots, await reel spinners ready to put these five tips into action. Whether you're looking for the ins on network-wide progressives or want to be on the outs with undersized wins, we've got you covered. Learn more about our five tips for winning your first progressive jackpot below, then seek your fortune.

Know Thy Payouts: All Progressives Are Not Equal

The first thing new slot enthusiasts must learn about progressive jackpots is that several different varieties exist, and their values, ranging from paltry to Porsche, are as unique as the players winning them. Below, read about the main types of progressives and what you need to know about each before placing your bets.

  • Stand-alone jackpots limit themselves to a single machine, and the top payout continues growing until one lucky winner takes it home. While these prizes are significantly smaller than some of their counterparts, they'll still make for a respectable night on the town.
  • House progressives rely on the casino walls, virtual or otherwise. In-house progressive jackpots come from a group of machines within a casino. For instance, a casino with ten linked Cleopatra machines often awards a generous payout to a user spinning when the pot pays.
  • In-network progressives are next on the list, and these second-to-last payouts are also the second-largest. Casinos under the same ownership, online or land-based, often share progressives between platforms and games, creating more players and bets for bigger and better wins.
  • Finally, the wide-area progressive jackpot is the one that will buy the fantasy -you know, the one with 16 cars, 17 bedrooms, and 18 staffers- that such payouts inspire. Like any progressive, hitting the wide-area jackpot is a long shot, but what a win if it pans out.

Spin On The Must-Win Progressives

Secondly, progressive jackpot questers must consider the pots they're chasing: Typical fare, like Microgaming's famous 2006 release, Mega Moolah, may turn up the big win, but bettors shorten their odds by chasing massive payouts in tournament-based, must-win progressives like Pragmatic Play's Drops & Wins. Below, learn more about some of the hottest must-go jackpots available online today.

  • Want to chase a progressive in fun, fab faves like A Night With Cleo or 777 Deluxe? Then you'll love the Hot Drop Jackpots, available at Bovada and sister casinos, that award time-based payouts hourly and daily, alongside a super jackpot that must go before it hits $300K.
  • Landmark developer Pragmatic Play upped the ante when it added the Drops & Wins tournament to its roster. By offering annual payouts topping €30 million, the significant daily and weekly prize pools prove enough to turn any punter's head.

Great Wins Start With Strong Casinos

The game you choose, or in the case of Hot Drop Jackpots, what version of the slot you spin, is vital, but gamblers must also prioritize where they play. Simply put, the third most important tip we can offer for landing that massive progressive is selecting a casino with respectable bonuses and a solid history of awarding the best wins. Despite the increasingly reliable nature of online casinos, some are still better than others.

Promotions are an important part of selecting a casino. Still, it's essential to remember that bigger isn't always better: fully understand the terms, or playthrough requirements, of any offer you accept. Casino bonuses may also have specific rules regarding progressive games. However, using them to build a bankroll you'll later dedicate to the most significant of wins is a perfectly roundabout -and legitimate- way of landing the jackpot on the house's dime. The best promos on the planet won't score players the progressives they crave if they're betting at a casino without a solid reputation for not only awarding but paying out the jackpots their players win. Do your homework.

They're "Progressive" For A Reason

Our fourth tip for hitting a life-changing progressive win is to ensure appropriate timing. While progressives may hit at relatively small values regularly, massive, wide-area jackpots typically grow significantly before the game releases them, making it vital to place your bets at the proper time. Fast and easy to remember, we can sum up tip four in one quick phrase:

"Timing is everything."

Playing By The Rules

Doing the work to find casinos, games, and tournament-style promotions like Drops & Wins is useless without following our fifth tip: Play by the rules. Understanding the game's details ensures your best chance at a progressive payday. For instance, minimum bets, playthrough requirements, and promotional restrictions may all limit access to progressive jackpots, so rules are crucial. Learn them. Now, go chase those progressives.