72 Fortunes Slots

72 Fortunes Slots

Prepare to head to the jungles of China and meet Sun Wukong, the Monkey King who is now on a new fantasy video slots game from the Betsoft gaming company called 72 Fortunes. If you enjoy Asian-themed video slots, then this 4 reels, one row and one payline game is for you. This game just came out from Betsoft and was released on August 21st, 2023, and slots players love it. But who is Sun Wukong and what is his legend and why is he so famous in Chinese mythology? Well, he was created for the adventure novel called Journey to the West. What makes him so unique is that he can transform himself into 72 different animals or objects and he also has superhuman strength. Not only that, but he can use his magic powers to manipulate wind, fire, and water which makes him one of the most interesting and beloved mystical characters throughout the centuries in Chinese culture. When he is presented and clothed in the novel, he is wearing warrior clothes and armor that enables him to do anything with his cloud-walking boots, phoenix feathered cap and a large staff object that can reduce to merely a small needle. The say he has no relatives and came to life from a magical rock in the forest and eventually was found by a gang of monkeys where he lived with and then declared himself king after doing daring acts that the other monkeys would not do. Over the years, he has had his own TV series in China, along with movies and other plays, but it’s the novel Journey to the West that made him so popular. Now you can use Sun Wukong’s superpowers to bring you wealth and prosperity and fight for your riches when you play 72 fortunes slots. Let’s take a closer look at this new video slots game and see why it is so popular with slots players.

What to expect when you see 72 Fortunes video slots

When you arrive to the Chinese jungle, you will see that this game setting is full of mountains, trees, birds, blue sky, and clouds everywhere. Then you see the 72 Fortunes logo at the top left and the below that is the Sun Wukong monkey in full combat gear ready to make you some money when you start those reels spinning. On the reels, you will see lots of symbols that are designed with brilliant Chinese-themed icons such as the hand, which is the instant win bonus, the magic potion that is the multiplier bonus, and flying shoe that is the respin bonus, Sun Wukong, the green mask, red mask and the staff or ax symbols. There are lots of cool animations that keep the game interesting, and the Asian sounds and music make the game complete. You can download this game onto your computer and save it to your desktop, or you can select the instant play option so you can play in your browsers like Chrome and Firefox. Or if you are on the go, then you can play on your mobile devices that support iOS and Android software platforms. You will still get all the same amazing illustrations, features, and game play like the other versions. Now let’s show you how you can play 72 Fortunes video slots and win.

How to play 72 Fortunes video slots

This game is similar to many other Rival Powered slots games, and you can catch on quickly as you play along. On the bottom of the game, you will see the controls to operate the game. The minimum amount you can wager is $0.03 and the maximum amount is $90 a spin. So, plan your strategy and decide how much you want to wager and see if you can hit those winning combinations. There is the player balance window, the bet amount selector, the auto play button for when you want to relax and let Sun Wokong to bring you all the winning combinations. All you need to do is set your wager amount and the video slots will do the rest.

Overall, this game has great graphics and comes with loads of features like respin bonus, multiplier bonus, bonus fortune and the instant win bonus. The maximum you can win is 4,400 coins, so the more you wager the bigger the amount you will get when you hit that jackpot. Play Now!