Bovada EPL

The EPL season is winding down, but it is still possible for players at Bovada Casino to make wagers and Man U, Man City, or one of the other many teams in the league. Gamblers will be glad that Bovada provides ample betting opportunities for those who know a bit about this league and want to try to take advantage. The betting for soccer is similar to the methods used for American sports, giving US bettors a bit of breathing room when they first start making wagers.

Three Methods To A Big Win

The three primary wagers bettors can make on EPL games at Bovada Casino are Spread, Win, and Total; all three are easy to understand for new gamblers.

  • The Spread is what most recognize; this allows players to make a wager on the favorite to win, doing so by more than a certain number of points.
  • The Win wager can be a bet for a win by either team or as a draw between the teams; the odds posted by the casino determine the payout.
  • The Total is the over/under of the number of goals the two teams will score during the match.

Parlay and Props Pay Premium Wins

Many soccer fans love placing prop bets on teams and players to make the match more exciting and entertaining. They can use these, along with the first three forms of betting, to create parlays. Parlays make wagering more exciting as the group play means a win can be staggering, but a single loss makes the parlay bet worthless.

EPL Is Popular Around The World

While soccer is still gaining traction in the States, it's a popular sport, and the EPL has been one of the top leagues in history. Bovada Casino gives players a chance to make wagers on the excitement that the English Premier League brings to the world of sports.