The Boys of Santa Carla Slots

Get ready to have a blood thirsty good time when you play the Boys of Santa Clara slots. This 5 reels, 30 paylines video slots game will have you filling your haunted house with lots of casino cash. These vampires are young men, good looking and know how to draw money from the casino and put it into your bank account. You can play this game anytime of the year, and not just on Halloween. There are lots of vampire slots out there, but this game obviously takes after the famous movie “Lost Boys” that came out in 1987 which was a supernatural comedy and horror movie. The movie was based on two teenage brothers who decide to move in with their divorced mother in the small beach town of Santa Clara, California. This is where they meet even more vampires and start a biker gang that terrorises the town. The entire movie was shot in Santa Cruz, California and grossed over $32 million dollars in revenue and is now considered a cult classic. But more importantly, the movie Lost Boys elevated the vampire characters, traditionally looked at as older men and more ghoulish. Now, they have become sexier, youthful, and full of adventure. Over the years, there have been numerous vampire movies, comics, books, and mini-series that are based on the young male vampires who are handsome and sexy. Let’s take a closer look at Boys of Santa Clara slots and see how sexy these vampires really are and where they hide the cash.

What to expect when you see Boys of Santa Clara slots

Just like the movie Lost Boys, this video slots game setting take place in an amusement park with the roller coaster in the background. The amusement park seems to be abandoned now and this makes it even creepier. On the reels, you will see such icons on the symbols as flying bats, vampires, moons, garlic, skulls, and the typical playing cards such as the 9, 10, J, Q, K and the Ace. Boys of Santa Clara slots can be played on any popular browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and others. You can just select the instant play version and it will load and start playing. If you are on the way to Santa Clara now, no problem, you can play this game on any mobile device that has iOS or Android software platforms. The game will automatically adjust to your screen whether it is a tablet or phone.

How to play the Boys of Santa Clara slots

This game is straight forward and easy to play, so anyone can catch on quickly. All the controls are all at the bottom and you can see the information windows too. This game does come with a major and a minor jackpot, so you have more chances to win. The maximum you can win in this game is 10,000 coins. There is a scatter symbol and a wild symbol which are both expanding and can bring you lots of winning combinations. You will have lots of opportunities to win free spins in this game and there is also a pick and win bonus feature where you pick from 30 gloves of garlic and collect the rewards.