Bankers Gone Bonkers Slots

Get ready to walk the streets of Wall Street and see how much cash you can make when you play Bankers Gone Bonkers slots. These bankers have a lot of money, but they don’t know what to do with it, so you can help them when you play this 5 reels, 4 rows and 1,024 paylines video slots game from the Rival Powered software company. Step into the New York financial district and get those reels spinning up as much cash as possible before the market starts in the morning. But when did Wall Street start and how was it created? Well, the infamous location of Wall Street is in the financial district of Lower Manhattan, in New York City. Originally, the area was called New Amsterdam. It was actually the English who conquered New Netherland in 1664, which at the time they renamed the area New York as it is today. A fellow by the name of Dow Jones started tracking stocks on railroads and grew into other industries such as electricity and gas. Then in the 20th Century business and finances started to grow, Wall Street became the financial capital of the world. Ever since then as part of pop culture and lifestyle, many movies have been created about stockbrokers like Wall Street and the Wolf of Wall Street. Now you can enjoy watching these crazy bankers going bonkers and you just might find where they hide all the money. This game can be downloaded, or you can choose the instant play to play in your browser or you can play on any mobile device that supports iOS or Android. And the great news is that this game is US player friendly, and that means if you’re living there you can play. So, let’s take a look at Bankers Gone Bonkers slots and see how you can fill up your briefcase with cash.

What to expect when you see Bankers Gone Bonkers slots

When your limo pulls up to the bank in this game, you’re going to get the royal treatment. The setting of the game is set with a big bank on Wall Street with some financial men caricatures that are sort of stereo type bankers. The logo is at the top of the game in green and yellow type with cash in the design. The opening window is a banker with a bank vault feature of getting free spins and a cash stack with multiple wilds. On the reels you will see everything you could imagine about bankers going bonkers. You will see such things as a banker, bank vault, stacks of cash, bull, banker with a pig, banker riding a pig, bank robbers, and a 9, 10, J, K and Q. There are also the Collect and Win features, and the Bonus Buy features. This game can be downloaded, or you can choose the instant play to play in your browser or you can play on any mobile device that supports iOS or Android. You will love how this game plays with the animations, bold graphics and funny cartoon banker characters. Now, head on over to the bank and learn how to play this game and see if we can get into the vault with the right winning combinations.

How to play Bankers Gone Bonkers slots

Much like most of the Rival powered slot games, this one is easy to play too. On the bottom of the game, you will see all the controls starting with the menu button which will take you to the settings and the paytable. On the right is the player balance amount where you will see you how much you have to play with at that moment. Then on the right is the bet amount window. This game accepts wager amount from $0.40 all the way up to $100.00. So, plan your strategy and see if you can open the vault to winning combinations and free spins.

Overall, Banker Gone Bonkers slots is a fun game to play and if you like cash themed online casinos, this one might be for you. And with 1,024 paylines, this slot game almost gives you the keys to the bank vault. Play Now!