Bovada Super Bowl Odds

It's that time of year again, and the sportsbook at Bovada Casino is gearing up for the game of the year, the Super Bowl. Any sports bettor worth their salt knows it doesn't matter who wins the game as long as gamblers get a chance at big paydays and the excitement it brings. Bovada sportsbook users get some of the best opportunities on Super Bowl Sunday and every other big sporting event of the year.

Super Bowl - Bet Now!

Standard Betting Options Can Be The Best Bet

Bettors with little experience should stick with the basic three modes of wagering on the game; going with what you know can make a difference.

  • The moneyline is just who will win the game, and the odds posted by the casino determine the payout.
  • The spread is the traditional betting line, and a gambler makes a wager on whether or not the favorite can win by a certain number of points posted by the casino.
  • The total or over/under allows a bettor to make a wager on the total points scored by both teams combined.

Props And Parlays Can Bring Big Wins

Prop bets can be fun with wagers on who will win the coin toss, how long it takes to sing the national anthem, or whether it will rain during the halftime show. However, parlays are where the serious bettors reside on Super Bowl Sunday, and betting in this manner should be done cautiously. Parlays are a group of two or more bets on one bet slip that allows players to win big if all the parlay wagers win, but only a single loss makes the parlay worthless.

More Wagering Than A Regular Game

Players will want to note that with the Super Bowl, the three main betting options can be wagered by the quarter and half as well as the final score, adding extra excitement. Regardless of the bet Super Bowl watchers want to make, Bovada has them covered.