Turkey Shoot Wild X Slots

There won't be many people who know what it is like to take part in a turkey shoot, so how about the alternative? Turkey Shoot Wild X comes to us from WGS, and they're known for some awesome slots, so let's check this game out, shall we?

Is this a giant game?

No, it's smaller than a turkey, coming in at three reels and only one payline. There's still plenty to focus on though.

Is it pricey to play?

No, the smallest coin is just a cent, while the largest is a lot bigger at five dollars. You can decide whether to play one, two, or three lines on the slot too.

What are the most important icons in Turkey Shoot Wild X?

The logo for the game displays a 2x multiplier, which you might guess makes it a wild symbol. There is another one to check out too - a 5x Turkey Shoot icon. Find three of those on the line and the game's jackpot is yours.

If you find one of each of the multipliers along with a third symbol on the payline, the multipliers work together, giving you a bigger prize boost.

There is a bonus too… if you can find a turkey

You need to land a turkey on the third reel to trigger this round. There's not much we can reveal about it as the contents are secret and we did not manage to reach it… but we know there are up to 500 coins waiting to be won there.

Don't miss your chance to take part in a turkey shoot today

The Turkey Shoot Wild X slot might sound a little familiar, even if you've never played it before. That's because it forms part of the Wild X selection of games from WGS. This is a quirkier entry, and not just because of the turkey, although it's surely nice to see if it lands you in the bonus round. We'd go as far as saying that WGS is home to the best three-reel slots around, and this title doesn't do anything to jeopardize that. Check it out today and see if you agree with our assessment.