Cubee Time Travel Adventure Slots

While online casino gamblers often encounter three, five, six, and even seven-reel slots, they rarely find free-form games like RTG's Cubee Time Travel Adventure Slots. The game, which progresses through the Stone, Piracy, and Viking Eras, offers a one-of-a-kind format. Learn more about Cubee Time Travel Adventure, also known simply as "Cubee" slots below.

Flat Betting Simplifies Wagering In A Complex Game

While identifying specifics like reels and paylines in Cubee is difficult at first glance, the fast, flat-rate betting system ensures bettors know what they're spending with each spin of the reels. Bet values in Cubee range from $0.10 to $25 per spin, making it a solid play for gamblers with any budget.

Meet The Monsters & Advance To New Eras

The graphics in Cubee are uncomplicated, and users will find the title's background changes as they move through each period. While the symbols are similar, there are a few differences between our resident monsters, Spike, Lucifer, Casper, and Bones. Cubee, who looks a lot like SpongeBob, grows by eating monsters weaker than he is; this increases Cubee's strength to advance through the slot's eras.

Special symbols are just as much a part of the free-form Cubee as in more traditional games, and bettors benefit from them all. The blazing blue icon, or Energy Ball, acts as a wild symbol, substituting for any monsters players need to generate a winning combo on the reels. The Cannon triggers free spins in the Piracy Era, while a Bow and Arrow have a similar effect during the Age of Vikings.

Free Spins, Multipliers, & Cubee's Bonus Wins

Like any RTG slot, Cubee Time Travel Adventure boasts a couple of exciting bonus features that are worth taking the time to trigger. Ready to learn more? Read on for details.

  • The free spins round in Cubee begins when bettors playing in the Piracy Era see a cannon appear on the reels. When one appears, gamblers will see it fire toward a meter, indicating the number of free games they'll play eventually.
  • Multipliers for the free spins feature come from the Viking Era. Whenever players land a bow and arrow combo on the reels, they'll see it shoot toward a meter, increasing the value of their multipliers applied to wins from free spins.
  • Once players see Cubee grow large enough to advance beyond the Viking Era, they'll land in Cubeeland, where they can cash in on all of the free spins earned in earlier levels; the prize then receives the multiplier earned in the Viking Era. With massive multipliers and more than 100 free spins available, every player will want to work through the slot's levels.

Explore The Difference In Cubee Time Travel Adventure

While bettors will love the free-form structure, free spins, and multipliers in the game, they'll also appreciate that the title is ongoing; players won't return to the start of the Stone Age if they end their gaming session and return later. Finally, the max win in Cubee Time Travel Adventure is a staggering 50,000 times the stake, making one slot worth revisiting.