Bovada Vouchers

One of the biggest complaints online casino gamblers have historically expressed is their inability to share their good fortune from the tables and reels with a friend. However, Bovada's new Vouchers make it easy to boost a buddy's bankroll using your own. Below, learn more about how Bovada's Vouchers program works, or explore it for yourself today.

Access Vouchers From Your Withdrawal Screen

Sending casino cash to a friend is generous, but bettors need to know how to turn their bankroll into a Voucher. Below, we've shared the process step-by-step to ensure readers know the specifics.

  • Log in to your Bovada account and head for the cashier to initiate a withdrawal.
  • Instead of choosing to receive a withdrawal via crypto or check, select the Voucher option.
  • Enter the value you would like to withdraw via Voucher. Players may select any value between $10 and $3,000.
  • Carefully type the email address you have on file with Bovada into the "Pay To" box, hit the button to request the withdrawal, and enter your four-digit Bovada PIN.
  • Make a note of your confirmation number, wait 15 minutes, and check your email.
  • Once you receive confirmation that your Voucher is ready, you can click "Send Voucher Now" to forward it to a friend via email.

Bovada's New Vouchers Are Fast, Easy, & Friendly

While the Bovada Vouchers program allowing players to send casino withdrawals to one another is innovative, it also adds a social feel to the sometimes-sterile atmosphere of online casino gaming. When you're ready to spread your good casino fortune among friends, check out Bovada's Vouchers.