Expansion! Slots

Yes, that is an exclamation point in the name of Betsoft's newest title, Expansion! Slots, and there is an excellent reason for it to be there. This exciting 30-payline slot features mystery symbols, free spins, and a directional wild that can create all kinds of excitement on the reels. This slot also features a brightly colored outer space theme that looks original and not the same tired nonsense.

Watch The Planets Spin On The Reels

The first thing players may notice on the reels is the ten through ace symbol configuration created with telescope pieces. Bettors will also find Planets of yellow, purple, green, and blue on the reels with a satellite wild and a scatter symbol of three red planets. Like most Betsoft titles, the colors are loud, almost garish, but the artwork is good.

Great For An Expansive Bankroll

Big bettors can feel left out with some developers, but that's not the case with Betsoft or Expansion! Slots. With a top-per-spin wager of $300, this is a slot a big bankroll can sink its teeth into. However, those with a smaller budget can enjoy this title for as little as $0.30 a spin.

Shooting Wilds in Every Direction

An expanding directional wild is the real excitement of this slot, and it can happen on any spin of the reels or twice on a free spin in two different directions. When a wild lands in Expansion, it spins and then extends itself in one direction to the edge of the playing area. When at least three scatter symbols land on the reels, the game awards the player 8, 12, or 15 free games. Expansion! Slots also features mystery boxes that open at the end of a spin to reveal identical symbols.

Not Quite A Betsoft Classic

While Expansion! Slots show much of what Betsoft can do, it's at a slightly lower level than some of the developer's more widely known titles. That's not to say it isn't an enjoyable slot with excellent win potential; it just isn't what players are used to from Betsoft.