Pros and Cons of Accepting Free Casino Chips

Casinos almost always award no-deposit bonuses as free chips or free spins, and you're probably wondering if these offers are legit and, if so, whether or not you should accept them. So, come along with us as we examine the pros and cons of taking free casino chips before you make your no-deposit decision.

Three Reasons To Claim Free Casino Chips

We'll assume that if you've read this far, you're already familiar with the fact that free chips, or no-deposit bonuses, have become such a part of online casino culture that gamblers don't even wonder if free play is available anymore: they've come to expect it. That said, is it worth it? Read on to learn about three reasons we dig no-deposit cash.

  • First, why not? Free casino chips and other player perks from reputable platforms are legit, and they cost nothing other than your time and a few personal details to receive. While some gaming establishments do require new users to verify their contact details, it's a small requirement to snag cashable bonuses.
  • Free real-money play without the hassle is incredible, and it's an exciting way to grow a bankroll. While the requirements surrounding free casino chips are somewhat rigid, they offer a fantastic start to real-money play, and if you're lucky enough to win, you can cash out or keep the funds on the platform to continue placing wagers in the games you enjoy the most.
  • Finally, cashable bonuses, or no-deposit promos, allow eligible players to cash out on the house. Although casinos carefully control cashouts from free chips, it's possible to take home the offer's max value, usually $50 or $100, under the right conditions. See the details of your no-deposit promo, or check out our guide for the specifics on using free casino chips.

The Cons: Things To Note About Free Casino Cash

Accepting free casino chips isn't all free spins, big wins, and easy cashouts, but we hope you'll consider it now. So, that said, we should point out a few cons of no-deposit cash so you're informed when deciding on free casino chips.

  • Perspective has much to do with the cons of accepting free casino chips. For instance, players who consider the bonus real money are often compulsive in their approach to "win back" their losses. Instead, accept the free chip as just that: a freebie. If you win, cash out or keep it on hand to place another bet, but let it go if you lose. In short, only deposit if you would like to either way.
  • Wagering requirements on free casino chips are notoriously hard to clear, but savvy bettors can usually slow-play their way to cash out. Of course, like all betting activities, there's an element of luck involved in cashing out on a free chip, but careful planning and cautious play go the distance in giving you the best shot possible.
  • Wagering, also called playthrough, requirements on free spins are easier to meet because the numbers involved are usually smaller and, therefore, more attainable in what amounts to a percentage-based system. However, while reaching the wagering requirement may be easier with free spins, hitting the minimum amount necessary to initiate a cashout will be much more challenging.

Are Free Casino Chips Right For You?

There are many solid reasons to accept free casino chips and a few that make some players avoid them, but what's right for you? While you're the bettor who can answer that question, responsible real-money play of any variety is fantastic entertainment. Ready to start wagering? Then, find your free casino chip today.