Spotting Unfair Bonus Terms

Nothing is more disappointing than hitting a colossal casino win only to learn that the bonus terms, as reasonable as they initially seemed, prohibit you from cashing out. If you're ready to learn more about spotting unfair bonus terms, we're here to help. Read on to learn more about five things unfair casino bonuses may have in common.

High Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements, or the number of times you must bet the value of your bonus before cashout, are unpleasant, but they're a fact of promotional life at casinos. However, wagering requirements exceeding 35 times are excessive and a sign of an unfair bonus. While the number may be higher or lower and still count as moderately reasonable, some promotions of decades past demanded wagering requirements of 60 or 70 times, which is extreme and unfair. Since unfair bonuses almost always share crazy wagering requirements, they're a telltale sign.

Wagering Requirements On Your Deposit

Casinos or the bonuses they create should never ask you to meet a wagering requirement on the deposit you make to receive the promotion; this antiquated casino practice is absolutely unfair, but it doesn't occur frequently anymore. While we won't suggest entirely steering clear of casinos with such promotions, reading a few reviews might not be a bad idea before making a deposit; if you still like the casino after doing so, play without bonuses.

Low Maximum Cashouts

Cashout limits on casino bonuses are part of playing, but bettors who are uncomfortable with how little they're allowed to take home if they win should skip the promotion on the table. Of course, no-deposit bonuses are the exception to this rule: Even offers with reasonable wagering requirements will limit cashouts for players who didn't have to contribute to their bankroll. The max cashout on no-deposit bonuses is usually $50 or $100, which isn't bad for literal free money.

Game Restrictions

Unless the bonus is specifically for a game or developer, the casino shouldn't limit the titles bettors can access with bonus money. While the casino may exclude some game categories, like cards and progressive slots, from promotions, platforms should never, for example, choose the three lowest-paying slots for their promos and require all users to bet in those games. When accepting bonuses with game restrictions, read the terms carefully to ensure you'll hit the titles you love the most.

Time Limits

Limiting how long players have to use a bonus is a standard casino practice, but the amount of time is an important consideration. Under the best circumstances, bettors will have 30 days to use their bonus, but between seven and fourteen is typical. Allowing depositors five days to use a bonus happens, although it shouldn't, but any less than that is unacceptable. In short, most casinos will place time limits on promotions, but allowing bettors an excessively short amount of time -seriously, we've seen an hour- is unsuitable.

Bet On Quality Platforms

Choosing quality casinos with a solid history of providing reasonable, fair promotions to depositors should be among your highest gaming priorities. Research your options if you're unfamiliar with casinos offering responsible promotions that benefit the platform and player almost equally. You'll be glad you took the time to do so when you're cashing out.