Volcano Blast 10X Slots

In a time of 7-reel, cluster pay slots, and titles with varying reel sizes, the release of a game like Volcano Blast 10X by developer Rival can feel like a breath of fresh air. This three-reel, three-pay line slot bursts with bright colors and big wins. Players can look to their favorite Rival casino to see the excitement on the Volcano Blast 10X Slots reels.

Strange Symbols For A Slot With three Wheels

Most players who make wagers on three-reel titles are used to seeing stars, bars, and cherries, and bettors will find cherries, but the remaining symbols have a tropical feel. Gamblers will also find a Happy Tiki Mask, Pineapple, Mango, Purple Flower, and the Fearsome Warrior Mask. The only special symbol is the red 10X icon that acts as a wild with a multiplier and is also the top-paying symbol.

Volcano Blast 10X: Three Paylines & Three Coins Per Line

Players unfamiliar with three-reel slots may find the simple nature of the genre refreshing. With coin sizes varying from $0.01 to $5.00, there is more than enough betting range for most gamblers; players can wager three coins on each of the slot's three paylines, and the bet range is $0.09 to $45.00 for each spin of the Volcano Blast reels.

No Bonus Round Needed With Multiplying Wilds

Volcano Blast 10X Slots has no exciting free spins round, and frankly, it doesn't need one with a multiplying feature that can lead to an incredible payday. When the 10X Wild symbol is part of a winning payline, it includes a 10X multiplier with the win. The excitement explodes when two 10X Wilds appear in a payline win and add a 100X multiplier to the payout. The title also features two unique paylines that give bettors two extra ways to score a win on the reels: In any order, a payline containing each of the masks and the flower is a winning payline; it's also a payline that includes the Pineapple, Cherries, and Mango symbols in any order.

A Small Title Comes With Big Bangs

Slots with only three reels may seem like they could be more exciting to some players, but developers like Rival are working on creating exciting 3-reel games that players will enjoy. Volcano Blast 10X Slots is an excellent change of pace for players tired of the large play areas of games with high volatility leading to more frustration than enjoyment.