Bovada March Madness Odds

Each spring, bettors become excited with the NCAA March Madness, the men's college basketball championships, and this year the madness begins with Selection Sunday on March 12 and wraps up with the final game on April 1, and many gamblers will be placing wagers at Bovada Casino's popular sportsbook. However, knowing the types of bets that a player plans on making ahead of time can make the online wagering process more manageable in the heat of the tournament.

On The Fly Betting

There can be many games going on at the same time, especially early in the tournament, and knowing which basic bets are available for single games at Bovada will help.

  • The spread is when the favorite team in a particular contest must win by more than the number posted by the casino; players can wager on whether the favorite will cover the spread.
  • With the moneyline, a bettor only has to choose which team will win the game, and the odds posted by the casino determine the payout.
  • The final simple game wager is the total, and bettors must choose whether the two teams playing will score a total number of points above or under the number given by the sportsbook.

For The More Sophisticated NCAA Bettor

Some gamblers have been placing wagers on the tournament for years, and these players can make their experience more exciting by extending their betting. For example, Bovada allows up to 14 single bets in a parlay, and players can always include prop bets inside those parlays. In addition, live betting is gaining popularity and allows bettors to make wagers after the game has begun.

Bet March Madness At Bovada Casino

The sportsbook at Bovada Casino will give players more than enough options for single-game play during the big tournament. Of course, everyone bets the office brackets, but online gamblers know that the genuine excitement is wagering on single games and playing parlays for big paydays.