Which Casino Games Have the Best Odds?

The explosion of online casino play has more people than ever wagering on the web, but new gamblers may still need to learn which games they're most likely to win. So, rather than heading for the reels and hoping for a favorable outcome, learn more about the casino games with the best odds below.

The Good: Games With Higher-Than-Average Win Potential

Casino gamblers come in two camps: bettors who play slots and maybe the occasional card game and those who know that very few games have a reasonable chance of winning. Typically involving elements of skill and luck alike, the games below offer players the best odds of winning. Read on to learn more.

  • Blackjack: While several variations of this classic game of 21 exist, bettors playing this fast, easy-to-learn, impossible-to-master card game have a whopping 49 percent chance of winning any hand. The last sentence may sound sarcastic to many readers, but experienced gamblers know that a bet that gives the house an edge of just one percent is solid entertainment. Like anything, success at blackjack requires experience, knowledge, and some luck, making it a prime exclusion from many casino bonuses.
  • Craps: This dice game has a lot of variables, and wagers often depend on whether the gambler betting is the shooter or not. Wagering how the dice will land, qualifying, and rolling the seven for the win are all parts of the game, and bettors will find that, like blackjack, casinos frequently exclude craps from promotions. Learning to play craps is challenging but worth the effort once gamblers start winning.
  • Roulette: Besides being the last entry on our list of casino games with reasonable odds of winning, roulette is among the most popular titles players will find at any casino, online or otherwise. The object of roulette is to wager on you believe the ball will land when the croupier spins the wheel. Like craps, roulette boasts a generous one percent house edge, making it one more game that may be an exclusion to bonus play. So, whether gamblers wager on red or black, choose a range of numbers to win, or both, roulette is an excellent option.

The Bad: Games You May Win...Eventually

For every incredible bet, there's a terrible one, and in this case, the worst wagers you'll find tend to be favorites of casual players. Below, we'll show why it's a great idea to learn to play craps, blackjack, or roulette immediately.

  • One of the most iconic Vegas plays available today is the game Big Six, colloquially known as Wheel of Fortune. The game's object is to land one of the most desirable wheel wedges when spinning after placing a bet. Unfortunately, the house has an unbelievable edge of 74 percent, indicating that nearly everyone will lose some cash when experiencing the game.
  • Slots are another unfortunate addition to the list of games on which players are likely to lose money. Some stats suggest that the odds of hitting any specific winning combination on a slot machine are one in nearly 50 million, a concept that dampens experienced gamblers' enthusiasm for slot play. That said, the payout percentage on the reels varies from one game to the next, making it vital for players to understand the RTPs. On average, however, the house edge for slots tends to fall between five and ten percent, considerably higher than the games on our "Good" list above.

The Variables: Skill & Luck Live Here

The debate between luck and skill in casino gaming has been going on for as long as most gamblers can remember, giving us a fair idea of the games that belong in this category. While not inclusive, the games below vary based on so many factors it takes a lot of work to place them elsewhere.

  • Video poker is the perfect game to describe as "variable" since it comes in countless versions, all of which boast a shallow house edge; however, like the best-odds games above, players must know when to pass and when to play to win. Bettors who know what they're doing can win serious cash. Pro tip: Double Bonus Poker and Jacks or Better have a house edge of less than one percent, so learn the rules and play often.
  • Texas Hold'em Poker, the famous and often first poker game new players experience, has a reasonably low house edge, assuming gamblers know how to play. Hold'em's house edge hovers around the two percent mark, but players must also account for the cash they'll lose to their tablemates. Other versions of Poker have various house edge values, but it's generally a good bet when players are looking for a game that relies more heavily on skill than luck.

The Best Bet: Safe, Smart Gaming

So, now that players have the information they need to make informed decisions on the wagers they place, we should discuss the best bet: Safe, recreational gaming. While the next world-class poker player may be reading this, most of us shouldn't attempt to bet for profit. Instead, consider your bankroll the cost of an evening out, and enjoy playing in the same way. Now, start placing those bets. You'll be glad you did.