Free Spins vs. Match vs. No Deposit

Understanding the differences between match bonuses, free spins, and no-deposit chips is the key to getting the most out of every casino offer, and we've got the details you need to do it. The breakdown below defines the most common casino bonuses and provides the information you need to wager confidently.

Match Bonuses: The Most Common Casino Promos

Casino match bonuses rank among the most popular promotions players see, but that doesn't make them less valuable. Are you unfamiliar with this kind of promotion? Simply put, match bonuses offer players a percentage of their deposit as promotional cash, keeping them in the game longer. For example, a player accepting a 125 percent match promo on deposits of up to $1,000 can look forward to claiming a match offer of $1,250 on top of their initial contribution. Like all promotion types on this list, match bonuses often come with substantial wagering requirements, although that's not always true. The trend toward no-rules, no-max promotions is changing the bonus game in the best way possible, and players are the beneficiaries of this movement. Are you looking for a spectacular match bonus? You'll have plenty of choices, so select the offer that's best for you.

When Free Spins ARE The Bonus

Free spins promotions are incredible, and they're often used as addendums to match bonuses or as no-deposit bonuses. However, casinos handle wagering requirements differently when free spins function as the promo rather than as a part of it. Because it's impossible to know the outcome of whatever low-volatility game the casino assigns to the promotion, the total value of the combined prizes becomes the number from which the casino determines the wagering requirements. For instance, imagine this scenario: You receive a no-deposit bonus of 99 free spins in one of your favorite slots; after playing them, you notice that you've won, for simplicity's sake, an even $50. If the playthrough requirement on the prizes from the free spins is 25 times, you'll need to place wagers totaling $1,250 to cash out; once you can withdraw these no-deposit funds, you'll be able to take home a max of $50 or $100 typically.

No Deposit Bonuses: The Pinnacle Of Real Money Play

Like no-deposit free spins, traditional no-deposit bonuses are great for exploring the casino, but you'll have to work to reach cashout. Bettors will enjoy using these restrictive promotions on slots and keno for the most part, although some platforms allow players to enjoy video poker and other exciting games. Examples of wagering requirements for free casino chips are similar to those for free spins, but the number is finite from the beginning. For instance, when receiving a free $10 casino chip with wagering requirements of 30 times, you know you'll need to bet through $300 to achieve cashout; again, this is difficult but not impossible. Finally, players should know that many casinos, particularly those powered by developer RTG, allow bettors to track their progress conveniently in their user accounts.

Quality Casino Cash Could Be Yours

Now that you understand the differences between match bonuses, free spins, and no-deposit chips, you'll find the offers you crave at countless casinos. Ready to get started? We thought so. Find and claim your free casino cash today.