Arkadium Games

Arkadium, a family-owned and operated, ad-based platform, offers users a unique selection of games in one easy-to-access online location. The modern arcade, Arkadium, provides a terrific collection of entertainment that never requires a download. The small, instant-play-style games bring the best parts of mobile entertainment to a single platform, accessible to everyone. Ready to learn more? Read on.

Exploring The Arkadium Collection

At first glance, Arkadium is a bit overwhelming, but players who register an account and select "Categories" will quickly learn to filter through the games; when they do, they can choose from subcategories like cards, puzzles, math, "adult" coloring, match-three titles, and so much more. Below, check out a few of our favorites.

  • Arkadium's game show selection is enticing, and players will love hitting favorites like the Price is Right Plinko Peg, Family Feud, and Press Your Luck Slots, alongside others.
  • Visiting the Mahjong section is always worth the time, as Arkadium takes the game seriously enough to offer it in 13 unique versions, including everything from the traditional to the mystical.
  • The poker category offers just two entries: Texas Hold'em and Texas Hold'em Tournament, but these are enough for most users. Grab a seat and get in on the action today.
  • While there are countless other games from numerous categories, the last we'll share here is the one with solitaire: There are 12 options, ranging from the typical to the unexpected.

Free Play, Gem Packs, & Premium Service

Arkadium is always free. Always. But it's supported by ads, which annoy users with constant interruptions. However, Arkadium offers gem packs useful in continuing games without ads and a premium service that completely eradicates them. Below, we've shared a few essential details about both.

  • Like in all games, gems are helpful at Arkadium, and the best part is that they're not game-specific like they are when playing Android and iOS games; instead, players may use owned gems in any game. Buyers can score 90 for as little as $2.99, while packs of 5,000 gems are available for $99.99, with several price points in between.
  • Arkadium Advantage, the premium service associated with the site, is available at an affordable $2.99 per month. Membership offers 15 percent off gem purchases to help players keep hitting the continue button, and over 100 games are available ad-free. Finally, Arkadium Advantage provides subscribers early access to new games.

Quick Access & Convenient Payments

Registration at Arkadium is convenient, although users must verify their email address to access the games; however, the site requires few details. While Arkadium Advantage is a subscription service, users can make one-time gem purchases through the shop with credit or debit cards or PayPay. When you're ready to connect with your favorite fun-play games all in one place, head to Arkadium. After all, your friends are already there.