Reload Bonuses for Loyal Players

While prospective casino goers know that no-deposit bonuses and welcome bonus packages are the holy grail of online gambling, they may not yet know about the incredible reload bonuses and other offers available to the most loyal players. Learn more about the extraordinary potential of such promotions here, or visit your favorite casino to start claiming them today.

Deposit Reload Bonuses

Like welcome bonuses, promos for returning players tend to be deposit matches. When claiming a deposit reload match bonus, you'll receive the stated percentage on top of your deposit, assuming you don't exceed the maximum. For example, players who receive a 100 percent match bonus as their reload offer can double down on their deposit; assuming you don't surpass the promo's limitations, a $1,000 deposit in this instance would lead to a bankroll of $2,000 with the bonus.

Free Chips & Spins

Reload bonuses don't always come as match offers, appearing instead as free casino chips or slot spins. More realistically, such freebies come in addition to match bonuses, but we'll separate them for our purposes. Loyal returning players depositing into their casino accounts may receive a specific number of free spins or a free chip in addition to their deposit and, often, their match bonus. In addition, your VIP status determines the number of free games or the value of the free chip in question, creating even more incentive to keep it loyal.

Tiered Promotions

Tiered deposit bonuses as reload offers are intriguing, as they improve as the value of your deposit increases. For example, reload bonuses may offer a 75 percent match on deposits of up to $49.99, while adding $50 or $100 may garner 100 or 125 percent matches. The numbers in our example are arbitrary, but you'll frequently find this promotional practice in casinos; take advantage of it, as it rewards you for depositing money you were planning to spend anyway.

Collecting Rewards & Cashback

Although reload bonuses are available to everyone, certain cashback offers come only through the rewards program at a casino. Generally, players earn a higher reward based on their bets' cumulative value, but some casinos determine it by the value of their deposits. Most reward programs are automatic, but as this varies by casino, you should check before committing to a particular platform. Cashback rates almost always relate to your rewards status, although it occasionally appears as a promotion. When cashback acts as a deposit bonus, the terms are unique to the offer, so read and understand them.

Casinos Love Loyal Players

The more loyal the player, the better the bonus. That's just how it is. Nevertheless, new players can start chasing casino rewards and the most impressive promos iGaming offers by picking a platform and sticking with it. When you're ready to join the action, head to your favorite online casino to play, and keep returning to claim the best bonuses. You'll be glad you did.